SmartCard System

The SmartCard system has been an industry standard for cashless laundry payment for over ten years. It is a convenient, flexible system of payment for the consumer using a plastic card rather than traditional coins. Payment can be made in one of two ways, depending on the type of system that has been implemented in the individual building.

The benefits to both building owners/ managers, and to residents of the building are numerous:

  • convenient for residents (no more digging for loose change)
  • reduces theft (keeps physical money away from laundry equipment)
  • valuation stations accept both debit and credit card payments and offer receipts for all transactions (cash to card systems are available for select applications)
  • code-based revalue system is perfect for buildings with limited space (no need for valuation stations), and residents can access from the comfort of their own apartment (or via text messaging once account is set up)
  • flexible, customizable system can be easily installed
  • offers comprehensive auditing

Steps for Using a SmartCard:

Once you have determined which SmartCard system your building has, follow our simple steps on how to use your SmartCard for the On-Site Revalue Station system, or the Code-Based Website Transaction system accessible through the website.

For Eastern region, revalue your SmartCard here –

For Prairie region, revalue your SmartCard here –

For Pacific region, revalue your SmartCard here –

Or Value Code System for all regions.